Technology CIM

Ceramic Injection Moulding is a high-pressure injection moulding of powders made of advanced ceramic material. The company Vibrom s.r.o. processes Al2O3, ZrO2 and TiO2. Feedstock, i.e. the injection material, is prepared directly in our company by mixing of ceramic powders and binders, followed by granulation. Compared with conventional plastics injection presses, these presses for processing of ceramic powders feature worms with special coating to eliminate abrasion and contamination of feedstock. Melted feedstock granules are injected under pressure into moulds. The moulds for parts are made according to drawings of customers. After pressing the products are cleaned and made ready for debinding and for firing. Most part of binder is removed from the product in the debinding stage. Firing removes the remaining part of the binder (about 5 %) and creates necks and subsequent bonds between molecules of the ceramic material. Fired products are tumbled and functional surfaces can be polished according to requirements of customers. Vibrom s.r.o. provides 100% check of quality of finished products. The parts are checked for defects, distortion and dimensions. Finished ceramic products can also be pressed into plastic parts.