Production process

Production of parts is preceded by a preparation process taking several weeks. The demand containing 3D models and drawings is considered and followed by a quotation to the customer; this quotation includes quoted prices and costs connected with manufacturing of the mould. In case the customer accepts the quotation, he shall send an order and a contract is concluded with the customer as well as with the particular tool shop to ensure manufacturing of the mould. After the mould is ready, first production attempt start. The technological process is adjusted and the mould is modified as necessary. After firing, the first products are checked and measured on the 3D measuring gauge. In case the measurement results comply with the drawings, the samples are sent to the customer. In case the samples are approved by the customer, regular production starts. In case the customer is not satisfied, adjusting of the technology and mould is repeated.

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Technology CIM

Ceramic Injection Moulding is a high-pressure injection moulding of powders made of advanced ceramic material. The company Vibrom s.r.o. processes Al2O3, ZrO2 and TiO2. Feedstock, i.e. the injection material, is prepared directly in our company by mixing of ceramic powders and binders, followed by granulation.

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Technology MIM

The technology MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) is modern technological procedure for production of small metal parts. It is suitable for the applications that require accurate dimensions and cover at least annual production volume of 5,000 pcs. Now we can use a wide range of metal materials, from structural and stainless steels up to titanium or tungsten.

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Blast media

Blast media are sands prepared by grinding of reactive plastic.

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Vibration mills

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